Magic Bath

2018, 9min
A diaristic collage of staged gestures and private moments spanning over a decade.

"Grace Mitchell's video is the most overtly diaristic and it does little to hold the viewer's hand. Magic Bath is an experiment in pure montage. Mitchell is working through footage she has gathered over a decade on various cameras, during various projects started and stopped, containing staged gestures and fleeting private moments. There are echoes of Jonas Mekas' early diary films in this collage. And though what might grip one most on a first viewing is the pleasure of various textures, sounds, and edits, there is a recurring theme of the body as it attempts to orient itself." -Ben Balcom

Get In Bitches, Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, IL
CC34 - Pisces Ascending, Minneapolis, MN Pisces Ascending, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA Scenes of Place: Milwaukee, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY Onion City: Experimental Film + Video Festival, Chicago, IL ICDOCS, Iowa City Kinodot, St. Petersburg, Russia Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI. Mini Indi Film Festival, Ipsden, England

Grace Mitchell is a filmmaker, musician, and educator. Her films have screened both nationally & abroad at festivals such as FRACTO Berlin, Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, and European Media Art Festival. She is co-director of _underscore, a queer operation, and screening room in Milwaukee, WI.
cv available upon request